Ultimate Private Equity Course


By the end of Ultimate Private Equity Course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of private equity so you can:

  • Invest in private equity
  • Advise your clients on how to invest in private equity
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About This Course

In-depth video resources with thorough explanations

70+ videos that cover everything you need to know about private equity.

Quizzes and problems that promote critical thinking

200+ carefully-planned quiz questions and 60+ thought-provoking problems that can help you apply materials to your investments and to your clients' investments.

Materials emphasizing application of knowledge

Carefully designed materials, including 70+ real world private equity case studies, that aim to give you additional insight and summarize large concepts into bite-sized chunks. 

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in diving deeper into the world of private equity

  • You are an investor looking to invest in private equity

  • You are a finance professional looking to better advise your clients on investing in private equity

  • You are service provider, such as lawyers and accountants, looking to better understand the needs of your private equity focused clients

Ultimate Private Equity Course

Price: US$2,050

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What You Learn

Dive deeper into the world of private equity through the following topics:

About The Instructor

Over the past 15+ years, Steve has been advising, consulting, and educating family offices on how to invest in private equity. Steve founded Mink Learning, a private equity education company focused on making the complex world of private equity simple. He is also an award-winning private equity lecturer at the University of Waterloo and has authored the CFA Institute curriculum for the Level I and III exams on the subjects of alternative investments, including private equity.

       Steve Balaban, CFA

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Ultimate Private Equity Course

Price: US$2,050

Enroll Now!