Private Equity Video Library

Below you will find quick and informative videos that break down private equity concepts into easy-to-follow videos. 

Alternative Investments 

What is a Hedge Fund? 

What is an Event-Driven Hedge Fund?

What is a Value-Driven Hedge Fund?

Classification of REITs

Private Equity Overview

Three Private Equity Books That You Never Thought Would Apply to Private Equity 

Private Equity Fund Investing

Family Office Private Equity Question: To Invest Directly or Not? 

Finding Companies

What Makes A Good Private Equity Investment? - Part 1 

What Makes a Good Private Equity Investment? - Part 2 

How to Build Relationships in Private Equity 

Private Equity Lessons from Giannis Antetokounmpo's Investment in the Milwaukee Brewers 

Buying Companies 

Important Terms in a Term Sheet

Pre-Money Valuation, Post-Money Valuation

Real World Private Equity Due Diligence Example

How to Read Cap Tables for Early Stage Companies

Customer Due Diligence

Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

Private Equity Tip: Look at Management's Ability to Allocate Capital 

Private Equity Tip: Small Details Can Have a Big Impact

Creating Value In Companies 

How Private Equity Boards Set up Systems of Execution

The 100-Day Plan: How Private Equity Boards Help Create Value

Private Equity Lessons from the Carlyle, Beats and Apple Deal

Private Equity Tip: It is Important to Build Trust with Management

Selling Companies

What are Management Buyouts (MBOs) and Why do They Occur?

How are Management Buyouts (MBOs) Financed?

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