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Through Mink Capital, Steve Balaban has been advising, consulting and educating family offices on how to invest in private equity for many years. In 2015, Steve began teaching private equity at the University of Waterloo, and his passion for teaching private equity led to the creation of Mink Learning, the educational arm of Mink Capital.


Mink Learning is unique because our goal is to simplify. We seek to empower our clients with knowledge. Many firms operate with complex systems that capitalize off the confusion of their clients. We believe that sharing knowledge, and making it clear to understand, creates lasting value for all clients because it builds trust and lasting relationships.


Our founder Steve Balaban has carved out a niche of invaluable experiences and expertise and couples this with his philosophy of making things simpler. With Steve’s leadership, we design and deliver customized offerings and an ever-growing suite of resources aimed at keeping the content simple, understandable and trusted.


We are the only firm that teaches private equity in an interactive and engaging manner specifically for family offices, institutional investors, and all professionals involved with the private equity industry. That way, they can learn how to navigate and invest wisely in private equity, all while obtaining intangible skills needed to succeed in work and life. 

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