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Our educational solutions


We offer in-person workshops, which are fully customizable workshops that give your team the most focused and engaging educational experience.



We also offer online educational solutions, which contain all of the content and education offered through our in-person workshops, but delivered online through live interactive sessions.



Finally, we offer an educational partnership. We offer white-label solutions so we can create content for your team of professionals while representing your brand. Our goal in our partnership is to teach your staff, external stakeholders, and even your clients about Private Equity on your company’s behalf.

Family Offices  | Institutional Investors


Mink Learning is dedicated to empowering family offices and investors by simplifying the complexities of private equity. With our expert-led training programs, your organization will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the private equity market. Here's why our offering is perfect for you:

  • Build a Private Equity Program: Establish a robust private equity program tailored to your family office, pension, or similar entity.
  • Proper Allocation to PE: Determine the optimal allocation to private equity for your investment portfolio.
  • Customized Due Diligence: Develop a bespoke due diligence process for evaluating funds and deals.
  • Analyze Trends: Stay ahead by analyzing trends in the private equity industry and identifying opportunities for value creation.
  • Generate Proprietary Deal Flow: Learn strategies to generate unique deal flow opportunities.
  • Build Synergies: Discover how to create synergistic strategies that complement your existing investments.
  • Educate the Next Generation: Ensure your successors fully grasp and continue your private equity strategy.
  • Formulate Due Diligence Questions: Equip yourself to formulate comprehensive commercial, financial, management, and legal due diligence questions for direct investments and fund allocations.

Choose Mink Learning to transform your family office into a well-informed, strategically adept powerhouse in the private equity landscape. Our professional and engaging approach ensures that you gain the insights needed to succeed.


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Wealth Managers | Financial Institutions


Mink Learning equips wealth managers and institutional investors with the knowledge needed to excel in private equity. Enhance your advisory services and investment strategies with our expert-led training. Here's why our offering is perfect for you:

  • Understand Current Trends: Ensure all advisors and client representatives are well-versed in the private markets, including the latest trends.
  • Online Educational Platform: Access an online platform for your team and clients to deepen their understanding of private markets.
  • Integrate PE into Portfolios: Gain a clear understanding of how private equity and alternative investments fit into client portfolios.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Process: Strengthen your due diligence process for both fund investing and direct investing.
  • Proprietary Deal Flow: Assist clients in obtaining exclusive deal flow opportunities.
  • Understand Recent Developments: Stay updated on industry developments to offer the most current solutions to your clients.
  • Access the Best Managers: Learn the process of identifying and accessing top private equity managers.

Choose Mink Learning to enhance your advisory capabilities and investment strategies, ensuring you provide top-tier advice and solutions in the private equity landscape. Our engaging and professional training will keep you ahead of the curve.


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Service Providers


Mink Learning provides essential training for service providers connected to the private equity sector. Enhance your expertise and better serve your clients with our comprehensive training programs. Here's how we can help you excel:

  • Develop Relationships: Improve your ability to build closer, long-term relationships with private equity investors.
  • Understand the Buyer’s Perspective: Gain insights into the buyer’s perspective within the private equity process.
  • Help Clients Buy or Sell PE: Assist your clients effectively in buying or selling private equity investments.
  • Understand PE Structures: Acquire a deeper understanding of private equity structures and current market trends.
  • Ensure Continuous Learning: Keep your entire team up-to-date with the latest developments in the private markets.
  • Formulate Due Diligence Questions: Equip yourself to formulate thorough commercial, financial, management, and legal due diligence questions when assisting clients.

Choose Mink Learning to elevate your service offering and become a trusted advisor in the private equity landscape. Our professional and engaging training ensures you stay ahead in this competitive market.


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