The 100-Day Plan: How Private Equity Boards Help Create Value


What is a Private Equity Board?

A private equity board is a group of individuals at a private equity firm that represent the shareholders of the firm.


Strategic Leadership in Private Equity Boards

Strategic leadership is extremely crucial in private equity firms. The firms conduct detailed commercial, financial, management and legal due diligence on a company before purchase. The firm also conducts due diligence on past and present records of the company and identify future opportunities for value creation. By the time the private equity firm buys the company, they have representation on the board and a detailed plan to implement future value creation strategies.


The 100-Day Plan

The 100-Day Plan is a detailed plan for the first 100 days after a firm buys a company. The plan balances goals for short-term cash generation with long-term value creation opportunities. It prioritizes the value creation plan and defines a clear, strategic direction for the company.