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What can I expect to get out of your educational solutions?

After working with Mink Learning, you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Learn the basics of private equity, including fees and due diligence

  • Learn how you can better advise your clients on private equity

  • Better understand the private equity process from a buyer’s perspective

  • Help your clients who are looking to buy or sell private equity investments

  • Learn where to build the best private equity relationships

What types of educational solutions do you offer?

We offer in-person workshops, which are fully customizable workshops that give your team the most focused and engaging educational experience.

We also offer online educational offerings, which contain all of the content and education offered through our in-person workshops, but delivered online through live interactive sessions.

Finally, we offer an educational partnership. We offer white-label solutions so we can create content for your team of professionals while representing your brand. Our goal in our partnership is to teach your staff, external stakeholders, and even your clients about Private Equity on your company’s behalf.


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