Private Equity Accelerator Program

Making the complex world of private equity simple for entrepreneurs and investors

Complete Program Outline

Private Equity Accelerator Program 

Complete Program: Phases I, II & III

Enroll Now: $1,995 CAD

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant could provide a contribution of up to 2/3 toward program costs, click HERE for more information.

If you require assistance in completing the application call Dawn at 306-931-3030

Making Private Equity Simple

Whether you’re an investor looking to invest in private equity or an entrepreneur looking to expand your business, the Private Equity Accelerator Program will help you gain the essential knowledge and skill set needed to succeed in private equity.

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the fundamentals of private equity
  • Develop a concrete understanding of the various methods of investing in private equity
  • Gain an overview of the private equity investment process

The private equity industry operates with complex systems that capitalizes off confusion. We seek to empower with knowledge to create lasting value for all parties. 

Personalized Learning

Access to a library of pre-recorded content and resources including summaries, checklists, and templates to supplement your learning. 

Interactive Training

Five live and interactive sessions to discover how to apply your understanding of the private equity industry to best serve you and your business. 

Phase I: Comprehensive

Overview of PE

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Phase II: Successful

Deal Secrets

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Phase III: The Perfect


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 Phases I, II & III

The Private Equity Accelerator Program has three phases.
The course outline with details of each phase can be accessed here

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About Your Instructor

Steve Balaban_Headshot

Steve Balaban, CFA 

Over the past 13+ years, Steve has been advising, consulting, and educating family offices on how to invest in private equity. Steve founded Mink Learning, a private equity education company focused on making the complex world of private equity simple. He is also an award-winning private equity lecturer at the University of Waterloo.

About World Trade Center - Saskatoon

Steve Balaban_Headshot

John Williams 

WTC-Saskatoon has worked in conjunction with Steve Balaban to create a Private Equity Training Program to support entrepreneurs and investors in their pursuit of new business opportunities and investments in Saskatchewan.

Private Equity Accelerator Program 

Complete Program: Phases I, II & III

Enroll Now: $1,995 CAD